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The António Carracho Institute, formed in 1991, has since provided dental medicine services with values of competence, seriousness, rigor, and quality. We maintain our patient's absolute privacy and attention to their comfort and well-being, always using the latest technological means.

At the António Carracho Institute, each patient has a personalized follow-up throughout the process. Each case is studied in detail to plan the treatment according to the patient's expectations. The Institute exists for more than 30 years and has a local team of differentiated professionals specializing in their area.

The Institute also has an exclusive in-house dental laboratory that guarantees quality, customization, and efficiency in the treatment of our patients.

We are differentiated in the dental market for having a close and personalized service with our patients and using certified materials of high quality and cutting-edge technologies, thus guaranteeing treatments with comfort and longevity.

Work Philosophy
The Confidence

It’s a determining factor for your treatment. We maintain total availability to help you. Our team of experts has excellent academic and university training.

Work Philosophy
The time

It's essential. The work is planned to meet the criteria of quality, longevity, and satisfaction. Each case has its differences, being evaluated, and treated with the necessary time.

Work Philosophy

We have an exclusive in-house dental laboratory. This direct collaboration allows us to customize and individualize the shape, color, and details of our patients' teeth, achieving natural aesthetic and functional integration results adapted to each case.

Work Philosophy

It is a reality. We follow up on our patients from diagnosis and treatment to the maintenance phase. Here, review consultations are carried out by your dentist, who attends you even after all the treatments have been carried out.

Work Philosophy

It is an indisputable fact. We work with the best and most exclusive materials because we value the final result of our work, as well as our patients.

Work Philosophy
The Team

The patient relates only to one person responsible for his case. There is no dispersion of treatment by several professionals. We have doctors, differentiated, and truly specialized in their area of expertise. The advantage: decisions are faster, the structure is more agile, ensuring the quality of treatments.

Dr. Luis Carracho

Dr. Luis Carracho
Prosthodontist - DDS, MSc.

We follow up our patients from diagnosis and treatment to the maintenance phase. Here, the review appointments are carried out by your dentist, who keeps up with you even after all the treatments have been carried out.

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