Clinical Cases Computer Guided Surgery

The use of 3D technology and computer-guided surgery allows us to virtually plan and position dental implants, even before performing the surgery.

The implant placement is guided with the use of a high precision surgical guide through a small hole located at the gum level. This makes the surgery faster and much more comfortable for the patient.

This technique has multiple advantages: shorter surgical time, predictability of the final aesthetic result, a substantial decrease in pain and post-operative discomfort, and a shorter healing time.


This technique allows the "immediate loading" of dental implants with fixed teeth with greater safety, speed, and precision on the same day of the surgical procedure.

At the António Carracho Institute, we have all the technology to plan and use computer-guided implant surgery with total comfort and efficiency.

Dr. Luis Carracho has extensive experience in this area. He performed several guided surgeries during his specialization and clinical residency in Prosthodontics in the USA. This technique evolved in the last decades, allowing us to guide not only the placement of dental implants but also future fixed rehabilitation through positioning guides. This process makes surgery and fixed teeth a more efficient process that is also more comfortable for the patient.

Step by Step

  1. 3D CBCT and Digital Scan: a 3D radiograph (CBCT) is performed to study the patient's bone quantity and quality. In the same appointment, a digital scan of the patient's dental arches or removable prosthesis is performed using a digital scanner. This allows the doctor to virtually plan and idealizes the best position of your future teeth and implants.
  2. Computer-Guided Surgery: 7 to 10 days later, the implants are installed using a high-precision surgical guide that allows a minimally invasive surgical procedure. When planned, immediately after surgery, the provisional fixed prosthesis is attached to the implants.
  3. Follow-up: 1 to 2 weeks later, an evaluation and control consultation is carried out.

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