Clinical Cases Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the most commonly impacted teeth, which means that they do not follow natural tooth eruption and stay retained in the jaws.


The extraction of wisdom teeth is indicated in the following situations:

  • impacted or poorly positioned (retained in the jaws)
  • inflammation and gingival infection (pericoronitis)
  • presence of dental caries and resorption of adjacent teeth (2nd Molar)
  • formation of cysts and tumors
  • dental crowding (poor positioning of the teeth)
  • orthodontic indication (space management to maintain dental alignment)

At the António Carracho Institute, the evaluation for wisdom tooth extraction is carefully performed using a 3D radiographic examination - CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) - which allows the doctor to visualize the position of the tooth in the three dimensions of space, as well as the proximity to relevant anatomical structures.

The medical experience, combined with the most modern resources and technologies, makes the wisdom teeth surgery easier for patients. When indicated, two wisdom teeth (upper and lower) can be extracted simultaneously, taking advantage of the medication effect and reducing the number of surgical interventions. After surgery, all postoperative care is reviewed with the patient, ensuring follow-up of the case.

Step by Step

  1. 3D radiography: a 3D radiography (CBCT) is performed to assess the tooth's position in the three dimensions of the space and the proximity of relevant anatomical structures. Then, the most appropriate approach can be planned even before performing the surgery.
  2. Wisdom Tooth Surgery: surgery for the extraction of wisdom teeth is performed. All postoperative care and medication are reviewed with the patient.
  3. Follow-up: 7 to 10 days later, an evaluation and control consultation is carried out.

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