Clinical Cases Implant Fixed Prosthesis

The fixed prosthesis supported by dental implants is the treatment of choice to restore the quality of life and comfort of edentulous patients and situations of terminal dentition. Conventional removable prostheses are often not well tolerated, causing significant discomfort and insecurity during chewing, speech, and social interaction. Thus, patients who use traditional dentures, or whose remaining dentition no longer allows their recovery, are strong candidates for rehabilitation using dental implants.

Implant Fixed Prosthesis Implant Fixed Prosthesis


The implant fixed prosthesis allows the recovery of comfort, well-being, and self-esteem, with significant improvements in terms of quality of life - through the recovery of masticatory function and taste, natural dental aesthetics, and speech without inconvenience.

At the Institute, we consider the detailed assessment of each patient's clinical situation to personalize the best treatment for your case. Therefore, we use 3D radiographs (CBCT) and digital models to obtain all the information necessary for optimal planning.

In total rehabilitation, we frequently restore your teeth on the same day of the surgery, a process described as immediate loading. After the surgery, our aim is that the immediate teeth allow greater post-operative comfort, facilitate healing, and allow natural aesthetically results.

In the Institute, we have an exclusive dental laboratory and advanced CAD-CAM technology, which allows us to comfortably and efficiently obtain personalized aesthetic and functional results for our patients.

In total rehabilitation cases, we often use high-precision Surgical-Guides, which will enable us to place dental implants in the most suitable position through small holes. This process has multiple advantages: faster and less invasive surgeries, no postoperative discomfort, and easy adjustment and adaptation of the immediate teeth.

We only use Zirkonzahn® technology and prosthetic components in our laboratory to obtain long-term results for our work and our patients. We thus guarantee the most rigorous criteria for quality control and technological support. Every detail of our patients' ceramic prosthesis is critical to obtain excellent functional and aesthetic results, ensuring long-term rehabilitation and easy maintenance.

To this end, we have always maintained a strong philosophy of proximity and monitoring of our patients at all treatment stages, since the treatment stage to the maintenance consultations.

Step by Step

  1. Pre-Surgical Planning: In this consultation, 3D digital radiographs are performed to assess the quantity and quality of the bone, and the digital positioning of the implants, even before the surgery is performed. A digital mold is made to manufacture a high-precision surgical guide and immediate temporary teeth. This allows everything to be prepared beforehand for the surgery day.
  2. Surgery: the implants are placed through small holes using a high precision surgical guide. In the end, the teeth (provisional prosthesis) are placed immediately after the surgery.
  3. Revision Consultation: 7 to 10 days after implant placement and immediate loading, a follow-up is performed to assess healing and ensure the patient’s comfort.
  4. Final Rehabilitation: after the bone healing period, impressions are made to fabricate the final fixed prosthesis that will be tested and later personalized with ceramic for each case.
  5. Follow-up: 1 to 2 weeks after the final fixed prosthesis placement, a consultation is carried out for evaluation of occlusion and hygiene control.

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