Clinical Cases Ceramic Veneers

Veneers are thin ceramic layers that are bonded to the teeth surface using adhesive technique. They present high translucency and reduced thickness, implying in most cases a minimal preparation of the dental surface to obtain the most natural, functional, and aesthetic results. In most cases, tooth preparation is required to avoid veneers with over-contours and excessive volumes that can create problems such as gingival inflammation or unsatisfactory and artificial aesthetic results.

Ceramic veneers, when correctly executed, are the most aesthetic and conservative solution to improve imperfections in terms of color, shape, and dental positioning.

Ceramic Veneers Ceramic Veneers


They are indicated in situations such as:

  • darkened or pigmented teeth
  • chipped or fractured teeth
  • diastemas (spaces between teeth)
  • misshapen or malformed teeth
  • teeth with old restorations

When recommended, treatment with ceramic veneers may be preceded by tooth bleaching techniques, correction of gingival levels, or dental alignment to obtain the desired aesthetic and functional result.

Dr. António Carracho has extensive experience with ceramic veneers, introducing this technique in Portugal during the 1980s. To obtain long-term functional and aesthetic results, the entire planning process, and the clinical and laboratory work, are evaluated and executed to personalize the treatment and achieve the most natural result possible.

Step by Step

  1. Planning: all necessary data is collected for the assessment and correct execution of the ceramic veneers.
  2. Aesthetic Proof: a 3D model is manufactured in conjunction with a Smile Analysis Software that allows you to evaluate the planned treatment.
  3. Dental Preparations and Provisional Veneers: teeth surface preparations, molds, and the application of provisional veneers are completed.
  4. Cementation of the Definitive Ceramic Veneers: 7 to 10 days later, the definitive ceramic veneers are bonded to the teeth surface.
  5. Follow-up: 1 to 2 weeks later, an evaluation and control consultation is carried out.

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