Clinical Cases Orthodontics (ClearCorrect)

ClearCorrect® is an invisible solution that allows you to experience a discreet and efficient orthodontic treatment. The day-to-day happens without remembering that you have orthodontic treatment.

Another advantage of these transparent aligners is that it allows easy cleaning because it’s removable, and facilitates daily oral hygiene through brushing and flossing.

ClearCorrect® aligners must be removed for each meal and placed after your oral hygiene.


Fewer visits to the dentist
The ClearCorrect® treatment is strictly planned in the software, allowing you to schedule appointments over time.

Emergency consultations avoided
ClearCorrect® technology reduces pain, discomfort, and emergency visits associated with traditional orthodontic treatments. The fit between the ClearCorrect®, the teeth, and the gum, ensures the perfect adaptation.

Step by Step

  1. Digital Study: During diagnosis, photographs, radiographs, and a digital scan of the dental arches are performed. These elements guide the orthodontic treatment planning to position the teeth in the most aesthetic position and improve their function and occlusion.
  2. Treatment Planning: The dental positioning of each patient is studied and personalized individually, using the ClearCorrect® software.
  3. ClearCorrect® Aligners: After planning, the software indicates how many aligners are needed during the treatment.
  4. Monitoring: Dental position and oral hygiene are monitored, and new aligners are delivered until the next treatment stage.

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