Clinical Cases Ceramic Bridges

A fixed dental prosthesis, usually called a bridge, consists of two or more crowns connected to replace one or more missing teeth.

Although dental implants are often the choice for replacing missing teeth, a fixed bridge using only natural teeth may be the most appropriate alternative in certain circumstances.

Ceramic bridges, when correctly fabricated, are the most convenient, fast, and comfortable fixed solution to improve masticatory function, aesthetics, and phonetics.


They are indicated in situations such as:

  • spaces with missing teeth
  • alternative to dental implants and bone graft surgeries
  • replacement of removable partial dentures

After an examination, your Prosthodontist can advise you on the best treatment for you.

At the António Carracho Institute, the entire process of planning and manufacturing your fixed bridge is carried out using the best materials and the most advanced CAD-CAM technology, which guarantees a perfect fit between the bridge and the dental preparations.

All clinical and laboratory work is carried out to personalize your treatment and achieve the most natural and functional result possible.

Step by Step

  1. Planning: data is collected. In this appointment, a digital scan or impression of your teeth is performed to plan the esthetic and functional modifications and fabricate the temporary bridge.
  2. Dental Preparation and Temporary Bridge: The teeth are prepared, and the temporary bridge is inserted. When indicated, the mold or final scan is also performed.
  3. Cementation of the Definitive Bridge: 7 to 10 days later, the final ceramic bridge is tested and cemented.
  4. Follow-up: 1 to 2 weeks later, a consultation for evaluation and control is carried out.

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