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Dental implants are the solution to replace missing teeth or teeth that no longer offer conditions to be recovered, maintaining the best masticatory, aesthetic, and phonetic function.

A dental implant consists of a cylindrical prosthetic device that is surgically implanted in the jaw bone, "replacing" the root of the missing tooth.
After the healing period, the bone surrounding the implant “bonds” to the implant surface, allowing it to function as a foundation to install a tooth crown or bridge that replaces one, several, or all teeth.

When correctly placed and restored, dental implants enable aesthetic and functional characteristics similar to natural teeth.


They are indicated in situations such as:

  • spaces with missing teeth
  • total edentulous patients (dentures)
  • fractured teeth
  • non-restorable teeth or dentition

At the António Carracho Institute, the medical team has extensive experience in the surgical placement and the prosthetic rehabilitation of dental implants.
The entire process of planning your implant surgery is carried out using digital technologies that allow us to manufacture - high precision surgical guides - that allow pre-surgical planning of the ideal position of the implants, less invasive surgery and, a postoperative period without discomfort.

The fabrication of individual crowns or fixed prostheses on the top of dental implants is carried out using the best materials and the most advanced CAD-CAM technology. This guarantees a perfect fit between the crowns and the dental implant.

All technical and laboratory work is carried out to personalize your treatment and achieve the most natural and functional result possible.

A fixed and lasting solution

Implants have a high survival rate, which means they have excellent durability. However, it is still necessary to perform good oral hygiene and periodic hygiene consultations with your dentist, just as you do with your natural teeth. At the António Carracho Institute, your dentist always carries out these consultations and regularly accompany you even after your implant treatment has ended. Personalized medical care is, in our experience, one of the critical factors in the high success rate that we have had in dental implant treatments over more than 35 years.

The advantage of using Straumann® Dental Implants

At the António Carracho Institute, we select biomaterials with the highest quality and scientific support resulting from decades of research. Only then is it possible to obtain stable long-term results for our work and our patients.
At Instituto António Carracho, we have only used Straumann® dental implants and prosthetic components, since 1991, with high success rates. This Swiss brand meets the strictest quality control criteria, with vast scientific publications and technical support background. Straumann® Implants have characteristics that increase the treatment's predictability.
Dr. António Carracho dedicates his 40 years of experience and expertise to the treatment of complex cases in the area of Implantology, Bone Regeneration, and Occlusion. He's a national reference in this treatment area. At the António Carracho Institute, we have a small team, with specialized university training dedicated to the placement and restoration of dental implants. We have always maintained a strong philosophy of proximity and monitoring of our patients at all treatment stages of treatment.

Step by Step

  1. Pre-Surgical planning: in this consultation, 3D digital radiographs are taken to assess the quantity and quality of your bone, and plan the digital placement of the implants, even before performing the surgery. When indicated, a digital dental scan is also performed to manufacture high-precision surgical guides and temporary crowns or bridges. This allows everything to be prepared for the surgery day.
  2. Surgery: the implants are placed under local anesthesia, and all postoperative care is reviewed with the patient. When indicated, temporary crowns or bridges are placed immediately after surgery.
  3. Follow-up Consultation: 7 to 10 days after the placement of dental implants, a follow-up appointment is made to assess healing and ensure patient comfort.
  4. Final Rehabilitation: after the bone healing period, impressions are made to fabricate the definitive ceramic crowns or bridges. These will be tested and later customized to each case.
  5. Follow-up: 1 to 2 weeks after delivery of the implant ceramic crowns or bridges, a consultation is carried out for evaluation and control.

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